How to improve yourself every day – The art of self-development


I don’t think there is someone out there who doesn’t want to improve in some way. Even if you are very competent in a specific field, you can always get better.

This procedure of improving yourself never stops, even if you are the best. Will Steph Curry ever stop training his shots? I don’t think so!

So you want to get better in some aspects of your life. Maybe it’s your work or social skills, your relationship, your fitness or whatever.

Improvement is a mindset, is a way of living and behaving. If you have the right mindset, you can improve anything.-->   Continue Reading

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The “Urgent – Important” Matrix: Eisenhower’s Productivity Hack

urgent important matrix facebook

I used to consider myself a productive person. Always doing “stuff”. Always busy. But still, I was feeling like I was not going forward at the desired pace.

I was a hero in accomplishing small tasks, but I never seemed to find the time to pursue my long-term goals.

This was a big problem for me, causing me a lot of stress. The solution came from one of my mentors who told me: “You know, there is this trick you can use. It’s called the Urgent – Important Matrix…”-->   Continue Reading

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How to Make Tough Decisions in Life – You Need to Burn Your Boats


You just took a tough decision.

Big like quitting your job, breaking up your relationship, moving to another city or starting a business.

But then, a little voice appears inside your head and starts whispering: “What if  you made a mistake?”, “Dude, is this what you really reeaaaaally want?” “You’re overreacting, just go back before it’s too late”.

We all know that voice. It happens to everyone. But having second thoughts is extremely stressful and exhausting.-->   Continue Reading

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Why philosophy needs to be practical

practical philosophy

We hear a lot about philosophy lately. But what is philosophy really about?

Most people, when they hear the term “philosophy” they think of questioning and studying about theoretical problems such as existence, values, ethics, politics etc.

Well, philosophy is not something you hear about or learn from some book. Philosophy is something you do, something you live by.

I’m not saying that reading or gathering knowledge is wrong. I’m saying it’s not enough. It’s the combination of knowing and doing that is going to make you a better person and that is exactly the essence of philosophy.-->   Continue Reading

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