Hi, I’m Theodoros Gkitsos.

My two passions in life are Engineering and Practical Philosophy. Engineering is what drives our civilization forward and makes the world a better place, while practical philosophy helps humans evolve, improve themselves, be productive and happy.

In this tiny blog, I write some of my views about life.

I’m working as a web developer since 2018. You can find more about me here.

The “Philoso-pills” Project

philosopills project gkitsos practical philosophyPhiloso-pills is a project based on both research and personal experience acquired through active involvement with Practical Philosophy. This project is a way to share with you what I have learned so far. My goal is to give you the motivation and the tools you need to improve your life, be more productive and more fulfilled than ever.

You can choose to learn more about the Philoso-pills Project or check out the Philoso-pills Blog.

Have fun